It's been a fun, but service will be shutting down April 15, 2014. Please consider other online spreadsheets like Google Spreadsheets.
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A short list of our favorite spreadsheets found on Num Sum...

World Cup 2006   game schedule for world cup 2006 in Germany
Team Schedule   schedule for work shifts
wedding   checklist for your big day
wedding 2   another good checklist
Team Lotto Pool Tracking   track who's in and who's out
WoW looting   warcraft looting sheet
WoW grouping   warcraft group sheet
South America & Antarctica Trip Itinerary   two week trip itinerary to south america and antarctica
gardening calender   when to plant and harvest
quaffing cheap wines   I laughed out loud reading this
March Madness squares   betting pool for march madness
March Madness!   NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket
audio homework   a modest sound system proposal for church
ebay profits   splitting ebay profits with the crew
netflix returns   did I return that movie yet?
swimming anyone?   workouts and notes
tennis anyone?   managing game / league matchups
running anyone?   getting fit through the miles
SUPERBOWL!   jaw droppingly good superbowl pool tracker from aarknader
fantasy sports   NBA league draft
trip expenses   planes, buses, automobiles and eats
wine collection   doing better than my own collection
car MPG   until I switch to that gas-electric hybrid, gotta track the petrol consumption of that Alto Suzuki!
car reloaded   or, rebuilding a honda prelude engine
wedding budget   how about just a small family event?
atherton home prices   how about just a small starter home?