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Our Wedding Checklist
9 months or earlier
yAnnounce engagement
Research/hire professional wedding consultant?
yBuy books
yGet magazines
What kind of wedding?classy chic
What location, formality, time?sat, june
yHow many guests roughly?300
Determine budget
How will we pay for all this and share expenses?
nGonna change my name?
Develop a payment/$$$ record-keeping system (or folder/shoebox)
yGet bride guest list
yGet groom guest list
yGet bride's family guest list
yGet groom's family guest list
yRank guests from must have, should have, nice to have
Research and select ceremony site
Research and select officiant
Research and select reception site
Pick/order bridal gown and headpiece
yPick color scheme
Send engagement notice with a photograph to local newspaper
yBuy a calendar
n/aHome weddings: fix the garden/landscaping/etc
yGet passport photo
yUpdate/order passport (for honeymoon)
Get birth certificate (for honeymoon or marriage license)
Get visas (for honeymoon or marriage license)
Research and book photographer
Who's the maid of honor?cathy
Who's the best man?mark
Who's the bridesmaids?
Who's the ushers (~1 usher / 50 guests)
6-9 months before
Pick flower girl
Pick ring bearer
Fittings for bride
Fittings for attendants
Fittings for flower girl
Fittings for ring bearer
Book videographer
Book florist
Book multimedia-ist
Research and book reception musicians or DJ
Book ceremony music/choir
4-6 months before
Shopping! for each other's wedding gifts
Reserve rental items needed for ceremony & reception
Finalize guest list
Select and order wedding invitations
Select and order wedding announcements
Select and order thank-you notes
Select and order wedding programs
Select and order seating cards
Hire a calligrapher
Address invitations
Reserve rehearsal dinner location
Arrange accommodations for out-of-towners
Plan honeymoon
Book gift attendant
Book valet parking services
Register for gifts
Purchase shoes & accessories
Start shoe break-in
2-4 months before
Order wedding cake
Order party favors (no rice, naturally)
Order room decorations
Select/buy honeymoon attire/luggage
Book transportation for wedding day
Check blood test
Check marriage license requirements
Buy wedding rings
Engrave rings
Clean/bleach teeth?
Prenup? Ha ha
Write a will? Mwah ha ha
Plan fun things for out-of-towners
Purchase gifts for wedding party
6-8 weeks before
Mail invitations, accommodation choices, maps/directions to locations
Record RSVPs
Record gifts received
Send thank-you notes as soon as gift is received
Pick hair style and makeup
Book hair, makeup and nails for wedding day
Set up an area or a table in home to display gifts as you receive them
Check local newspapers for wedding announcement requirements
Have formal wedding portrait taken
Send wedding announcement & photograph to local newspapers
Change name & address on drivers license
Change name & address on social security card
Change name & address on insurance policies
Change name & address on subscriptions
Change name & address on bank accounts
Change name & address on memberships
Select and reserve wedding attire for groom, ushers, father of the bride and ring bearer
Select a guest book attendant
Pick guest book signing location
Send rehearsal dinner invitations
Get blood test
Get health certificate
Get marriage license
Plan luncheon/dinner with bridesmaids
Give bridesmaids their gifts at that time or at the rehearsal dinner
Finalize menu, beverage and alcohol order
Buy toasting glasses
Buy (or make) ring pillow
Buy guest book, etc
Buy candles
Buy cake utensils
2-6 weeks before
Confirm ceremony details with officiant
Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids' dresses
Have final fitting of gown and headpiece
Finalize rehearsal dinner plans; arrange seating and write names on place cards, if desired
Make final floral selections
Make a detailed timeline for wedding party
Make a detailed timeline for service providers
Confirm details with all service providers, including attire
Give them a copy of wedding timeline
Start packing for honeymoon
Finalize addressing and stamping announcements
Plan receiving line
Contact guests who haven't responded
Pick up rings and check fit
Meet with photographer and confirm special photos
Meet with videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped
Meet with musicians and confirm music to be played during special events such as first dance
Remind bridesmaids and ushers of when and where to pick up their wedding attire
Purchase the lipstick, nail polish and any other accessories you want bridesmaids to wear
Determine ceremony seating for special guests
Give a list to the ushers
Plan reception room layout and seating with reception site manager or caterer
Write seating place cards
Keep writing thank-you notes as gifts arrive
Find out bachelor party plans
Arrange bachelor party spies
Crash bachelor party
Last week
Pick up wedding attire and make sure everything fits
Do final guest count
Notify caterer / reception site manager
Gather everything you will need for the rehearsal and wedding day
Arrange for someone to drive the getaway car
Review the schedule of events and last minute arrangements with service providers
Confirm all honeymoon reservations
Pick up tickets
Get travelers checks
Packing honeymoon suitcases
Familiarize yourself with guests' names
Hold mail at Post Office during honeymoon
Get massage
Review list of things to bring to the rehearsal as listed in the Wedding Party Responsibility Cards
Put suitcases in getaway car
Give bridesmaids the lipstick, nail polish and accessories you want them to wear for the wedding
Give best man the officiant's fee and any other checks for service providers
Instruct him to deliver these checks the day of the wedding
Arrange for someone to bring accessories such as flower basket, ring pillow, guest book & pen, toasting glasses, cake cutting knife and napkins to the ceremony and reception
Arrange for someone to mail announcements the day after the wedding
Arrange for someone to return rental items such as tuxedos, slip and cake pillars after the wedding
Provide each member of wedding party with a detailed schedule of events for the wedding day
Review ceremony seating with ushers
Review list of things to bring to the ceremony as listed in the Wedding Party Responsibility Cards
Give the groom's ring to the maid of honor
Give the bride's ring to the best man
Simply follow detailed schedule of events
Relax and enjoy wedding!
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