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Warcraft Points Per Run Looting Sheet
Group leader / master looter instructions: log in, copy this online spreadsheet, whack in your own data, and track the loot divying using the points per run system (simple alternative to DKP system, kinda like zero-sum). Tip: give the spreadsheet URL to the group so they can keep up with the latest totals...
Maximum Bid Increment:5
Character 1Character 2Character 3Character 4Character 5# Disenchanted# To be vendor'ed
Character nameherbie (master looter)leeroyelefuntrooghumma1
Class / level
Points at start of run5050505050
Points remaining5048475050
Loot nameTrack the winners of each item by listed the winning bid points amount under the winning player's column, or put a 'y' under the disenchanted or to-be-vendored columnDisenchantedTo be vendored
some item #12 (winner)
some item #23 (winner)
some item #3y
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Name:  warcraft points per run looting by  steveyen steveyen 
Description:  World of warcraft points per run PPR loot divying tracking sheet
Tags:  world of warcraft wow points per run ppr looting system dkp  

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